A busy December in Room 5

December was a very busy and exciting month.

We wrote our letters to Santa. We put them all into an envelope and headed to the post box to post them. The envelope was passed from the back of the line to the front where it was popped into the post box. We hope it got to Santa on time.

We were very lucky to be invited to see Cinderella in Coláiste Bríd. It was a great performance. We really enjoyed it. We even got to see Santa Claus.

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We made lots of Christmas decorations. Take a look at the Rudolph paper plates we made.

On our last two days before our holidays we were allowed to wear green and red, our Santa hats and Christmas Jumpers. Everyone looked great. Santa came to visit, we sang songs for him and he played the tin whistle. He was very good.

We also had our Carol Service, all the classes were singing songs to help tell the story of the First Christmas.

The day after Santa’s visit we got a letter from him. He had left clues all around the school. When we had figured them all out we found a bag of treats in the press. It was so exciting.


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