Science Week

It is Science Week this week in Scoil Mhuire. We started off the week at the Science Fair in the hall.

Super Senior Infants had a stall showing the rest of the school how to use a String Telephone.

‘How to make your String Telephone’

We used plastic cups and string. We put a hole in the bottom of the cups. We put the string into the bottom of two cups and tied a knot on the inside.

The ‘String Telephone’ was then ready to use.

We also joined up two sets of cups and had a chat between four people.

The String must be tight or the telephones will not work.

Take a look at some of the pictures of our visit to the Science Fair 

We are also doing lots of experiments this week. We were learning all about sound.

Seeing Sound – We used a tub covered in cling film and an elastic band to hold it on tight. We then put some rice on top. We used biscuit tins to make sound and without touching them the rice jumped on the cling film.

Feeling sound – We held our fingers to our necks and said a rhyme. We could feel the vibrations when our voices made the sounds. Then we worked in pairs using a balloon we talked to each other through the balloons, holding the balloons to our ears. We could feel the vibrations when the other person was speaking.

We took a quiz at the end of the day and got all of the questions correct. Try it yourself and see how you get on.


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