School Tour

We went on our school tour to Wooly Ward’s Farm on Thursday May 23rd. We went on the bus which was great fun sitting with our friends. When we arrived we met our leader Emma, she gave us orange bibs and we were the ‘Orange Tigers’ for the day. Emma brought us to all the different activities during the day. Our first task was an obstacel course with eggs and spoons. We were then brought to see some of the animals. We met some of the other classes in the barn where there was a show. Aladdin was in the show and it was very funny. It was then time for our lunch, we were only having one break so we had everything and of course our treats. It was our turn to go on the pony and get our tattoos. This was lots of children’s favourite activity. Emma brought us to see the animals, walk on the wonky bridge (where we frightened away the troll) and through the woods where we collected all sorts for Scary Mary’s soup. We also decorated cupcakes and had a chance to play on the Tractor Slide. Lastly we were brought on the train to the art shed were we decorated pots and got to plant grass which we could take home. It was a fun filled day and some children even fell asleep on the bus on the way home. Take a look at the pictures to see all the fun we had.

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