Green Fingers

We have been busy this October in room 5. We read the story of Jack & the Beanstalk and planted our own beans in the school garden. John helped us do the work. He put a hole in the ground and we put the bean in. We then helped John to rake the soil and cover up the seeds. We are looking forward to seeing our beanstalks when they grow in the Spring.

While we were in the garden we had some maths fun. We had to look around the garden for different things: stones, leaves, flowers, pots. Each card had a different number and some cards asked us to make a pattern.

We also planted seeds in the classroom. First of all we decorated some cups with paper and put a face on them. We are using these as our pots. We then filled them with soil and put grass seed on top.


We looked after our plants very carefully and made sure they had plenty water over the holidays. When we came back the grass had grown really long. It looks like they have hair now. We got to take them home too.


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