We have had a busy November. We were learning all about clothes. We had a clothes shop set up in the classroom. We all got turns to work in it or be the customers.

We read the story ‘The Smartest Giant in town’ by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler. Take a look at it here.

We really enjoyed the story. George was very kind to all the animals.

We made our very own giant using old material. We had the to work in groups to make the different items of clothing; trousers, shoes, shirt, tie and belt. When we put it all together he looked great.

101_5796 101_6101 20141114_103942 20141114_103948 20141114_103953

We were also busy being fashion designers, We had to design an outfit for a boy or a girl. We did a fantastic job. Take a look at some of the fabulous clothes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We also read the story ‘The Elves & the Shoemaker’ We then became elves ourselves and decorated old shoes.


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