Summer is here!!

The ice cream van arrived in room 5!! The children were busy buying their ice cream and working in the van. It even went on it’s travels to room 1. On the way Ms. Burke Heneghan and some of the teachers got and ice cream!! It was great fun having it in the class for the week.


Sports Day

We had Sports Day on the 23rd June. There were lots of different activities with the teachers. We had a great day taking part in all the fun. Look at us ready to go after helping to ‘tidy up’ the yard!!



Scoil Mhuire’s Got Talent

We had a talent show in the hall where one act from each class got to perform on the stage. Auditions were held in the classroom and one act was chosen to perform in front of the whole school. It was very entertaining.

‘The Super Sixes’ from room 5  sang and danced to ‘Uptown Funk’ and were fantastic. 

Take a look at some of the Talent from the other class rooms!!


Wooly Ward’s Farm

We set out on our school tour on the first of June. We went on a trip to Wooly Wards Farm. It was very exciting going on a bus with all our friends. It was a fun filled day with lots to keep us entertained. Lauren was showing us around. We saw lots of animals, made our own magnets and decorated cookies. We got to feed lambs and went on the train around the farm. There was a show about Alice in Wonderland, it was very entertaining.  It was lots of fun.

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Music Week

We had Music Week in Scoil Mhuire. We were learning about different musical instruments. Some children brought in their own instruments.


We had a lesson with Catherine in the hall where all the Senior Infants were together and got to play along to ‘Brewing up a storm’

We also had a drumming workshop with Neil where we went to the hall to play lots of different types of drums and instruments.


Gym Role Play

We set up our role play area as a gym after our visit to the leisure centre. We made signs and some children even made instructions for doing exercises. We had some children as trainers and others were using the gym. The receptionist welcomed everyone and made sure they all had their membership cards.

The trainers were busy doing up fitness programmes and making healthy eating plans.  Lots of people liked the boxing  and the weights and we were all getting fitter everyday.

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Trip to the Gym

During the month of May we were learning all about hobbies and pastimes. We learned that there are lots of different things people like to do like dancing, swimming, football, karate, painting, reading and many more. We decided we would like to set up our role play area as a gym. Lots of adults use the gym to help them keep fit. We went on a trip to the leisure centre where Enda showed us around. We learned lots of things about the gym There is a receptionist that welcomes everyone. They have a swimming pool, a studio where we did some exercises with the instructors and lots of machines. Some children even got a chance to try out the machines and we got to do a taster aerobics class with the instructor. We learned a lot and it was lots of fun. Take a look at some of the pictures.