Happy Halloween

We got ready for Halloween and the Green School Fashion Show by making Halloween Crowns. We then got to model them  in the hall to show all the other classes. We enjoyed looking at all the other fantastic outfits.

On the Friday before the Midterm break we got to dress up in our own Halloween Costumes. It was great fun seeing our friends dressed up.


Building Site

A new wall was being built in Scoil Mhuire. We went out to have a look at the work. We met Bob the builder and he told us all about the different tools he was using and showed us the mixer for mixing cement. The wall was nearly finished and it was looking great.

We also went out to have see the Grab Truck in action. It was taking the last of the rubble from the yard.



School Walk

Our Annual Sponsored School walk took place on the 30th of September. The 6th Class girls walked with us to the playground in Corkagh Park. We got to play for a while before walking back to the school. It was lots of fun.

We also counted our steps using a pedometer app on a phone. We did 10,790 steps on the walk. Our legs were very tired.

Thanks to all the children for returning sponsorship cards. Take a look at some of the pictures from the day.


Doctors Surgery

We have been learning all about the different parts of our bodies. When we are sick or we have hurt ourselves we go to the Doctor. We set up the Doctors Surgery in the role play area. The children were very good doctors and nurses. We also had the receptionist taking the patients details and payment. There were some very sick patients but were well looked after.


We had a Mammy who works as a Nurse in to talk to us about the work she does. She told us all about being a Nurse and we asked her some questions. She showed us a Stethoscope and we took turns to listen to her heart beat. It was really cool. She was very kind and brought us in some real bandages and masks that we could use in our Doctors Surgery.

We did some great writing and drew lovely pictures about the visit.

We also built some lovely hospitals using the Jaggo Blocks.


We had lots of fun in the Doctors Surgery


Back to School!!

September has been a very busy month in Room 5. We were back to school with all of our friends. We were telling our teacher all about ourselves and our families and also learning about our bodies.

We had a lot of fun during Aistear. We have been making the jigsaws and getting better at them.



We were also playing with the Play dough. Having lots of fun making different things and using the buttons and letters as decorations.


While playing in the Small World area we were setting up the house as a home.

In Senior Infants we get to use the new Jaggo Blocks. These are great fun. There are lots of different shapes and they are much bigger then the blocks we had in Junior Infants. We can even make some buildings big enough for us to get into. Take a look at our creations.

Have a look at the Doctors Surgery in another post to see what we were getting up to in the Role Play area.